Koe no Katachi

Salvation. I guess more or less everyone has something that really needs to be forgiven. Ishida for example bullied Nishimiya to the extreme simply for being almost completely deaf. The events however cannot be kept forever within school boundaries and when the bucket is spilled Ishimiya gets bullied instead. Surprisingly he accepts it as fair punishment (which is quite surprising given his character) and there he starts his road to salvation.

Ishida in the end gets his salvation which is what makes this story a tale. In my experience such a fate hardly ever happens, but to be honest it doesn’t make Koe no Katachi a bad tale. I liked it from beginning to the end, both the characters, their way to handle guilt and I was glad the story got a happy ending instead of a realistic one. However I’d really like to see a 24 episode series in which the story could be properly follow the road to salvation or in which it is portrayed how such a guilt destroys the lives involved. Both story could be a 10/10 one.
However, back to Koe no Katachi, the movie looks good, the story is fine amd interesting, so I decided to mark it a 8/10 with a recommendation to watch.


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