Hirune Hime: Shiranai Watashi no Monogatari


I didn’t really know what to expect based on MAL’s synopsis for it seemed to be quite jumbled, but now that I watched Hirune Hime, I know the reason: it’s pretty jumbled. Of course not to the point where the story would be hard to follow or wouldn’t make any sense at all, but rather it seems like when the idea of a story going on on two interconnecting realms couldn’t really be told smoothly, then it all got melt up a bit and let to mix. Okay, I admit that I’m rambling here, but Hirune Hime really somehow feels just odd in a non-appealing way. The looks are pretty, though nothing mindblowing like Shinkai’s works, so with the odd story and okay looks I decided to mark Hirune Hime a 6/10. It’s not unrecommended, but not that great either.


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