Blog under construction.

While this blog is written in english, it is not my mother tongue, therefore grammar errors are bound to happen. Should you see something that makes your grammar nazi twitch, feel free to ignore it or drop me a message to have it corrected.

Should you be interested in who am I and what I watch/watched you’ll find the info I’m willing to share here


7 responses to “About

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  2. I hate being late to the party but I’m glad to have found your blog now! Don’t worry, a lot of us have “creative” grammar and from what I can see, yours seems fantastic! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Unfortunately the standard of the blog has dropped quite a while since I started it, especially posts about episodes, but I’m still trying my best to maintain at least the grammar.

      • We’ve all been there – the initial excitment is har to sustain but you still seem to be following some shows this season!

      • Well I used to follow about 10 shows a season, then I got children to watch instead. Now I watch anime whenever I have a bit of time, but it’s only a few shows simultaneously and sometimes I got behind the weeks even this way. No complaining though, I got wonderful kids 🙂

      • Congratulations… assuming you didn’t kidnap them!

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