Kamisama no Memochou ep2

After the first episode I felt kinda let down with this second one, even though I cannot really explain it, for the matter at hand is interesting enough. Still somehow the show seems to be drifting from being a crime solving, mystery to a good looking girls around Nerumi slice of life show. In the previous episode it was at least explained where Alice got her informations on the students, but in this one it is just simply assumed that she has all kinds of data on everyone. Also however big a genius she is, all she had to do to prevent Meo from calling her father and such revealing her location would have been to tell her that by calling his father Meo would be probably be helping his pursuers. This way the only thing to expect is that the yakuza will get hold on the 200 million and Meo, so they will be able blackmail her father as they please. Of course Alice and her team will stop them somehow. If my predictions are right then so much worse to the show, for twists are the spice of mystery.


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