The red turtle


Without Studio Ghibli’s involvement I probably never have heard about this movie and strictly speaking The red turtle is not even an anime, yet I think it is very well worth mentioning here in this blog. At first neither the art, nor the story caught me, for the man is somehow oddly drawn and the story starts of so slowly I really hardly can call it a pace, but then as his attempts to leave the island are thwarted and the red turtle turns up it got me. And as this isn’t a very long movie, not so later at the end it got me really moved.

As a bit more concentrated review I think the red turtle is one of very few non Japanese animation movies that aren’t for the 6-12 years old, instead it tells a simple yet whole story of a better half of a life which only adults will enjoy. The backgrounds are great, the characters are somehow odd, so in my diary The red turtle got a 8/10 mark with a recommendation for adults.


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