Kimi no Na wa

I have been waiting a lot till Kimi no Na wa finally got its blu ray/ DVD release, so that I could watch it, since hardly any anime ever makes it to Hungarian movie theaters. However the big day has at last come and it was awfully worth waiting for. Anyone who has followed my diary for some time must be aware that I’m a big fan of anything Makoto Shinkai has ever made and Kimi no Na wa did not disappoint me either. I loved the Shinkai looks, the beautiful otherworldly lights and colorful scenes and I also loved the story at any of its chapters. Around the end of it I was a bit sad that it should end a bit like 5 centimeters per second did, for Kimi no Na wa was really looking for a happy ending. Luckily Taki and Mitsuha did meet even if years later, however it wasn’t really told if they ever got closer than that. I hope they did. Without further spoilers I will just give Kimi no Na wa then 10/10 rating I was hoping for this movie and shower you with screenshots. Do make sure to watch the movie too!


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