Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai ep5

Yukiatsu confesses his guilt to Jintan and the others, for the thinks that it’s his fault that Menma has died. At the time when Jintan called Menma ugly and ran away, Yukiatsu stopped her chasing Jintan. He presented Menma a hairpin and confessed to her. But Menma apologized to him and ran away after Jintan. Menma thanks Yukiatsu for the hairpin through Jintan, which shocks enough Yukiatsu, since them two were the only ones that knew about it. Though going out with her friends, Anaru keeps spacing out. She gets excused from a karaoke party by a guy, but he wants to force her into some love hotel. Luckily Anaru gets saved by Yukiatsu. They ride the train back home and during the ride Yukiatsu forces a good enough confession from Anaru about her affection towards Jintan. Poppo visits Jintan and Menma. He thinks that Menma is there for a reason, which can only be that she can’t get to heaven for some reason. He talks to Menma, but he can’t hear Menma’s answers or see her. Jintan stops Poppo, for his words make Menma cry.

This episode was a bit less interesting than the ones before, but these side events are most probably told with some later reference in mind. I still like this show, will keep on watching.


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