Dragon Crisis ep10

Ryuuji and his friends are on a picnic somewhere, the girls are cutting up vegetables, Ryuuji moves a portable oven, while Eriko, their only driver, enjoys a beer (in the way that all anime characters enjoy that: two or three gulps, then some very particular wheeze). Suddenly they see something coming from across the lake. It turns out to be a girl on quite obviously dragon wings. She introduces as Sapphie and declares that she came to avenge Onyx.

However her attempts of revenge only show that she is no good with her powers, but it also shows that her power is over water. After a few feeble attempts, that only gets our protagonists completely drenched she retreats. In the next conversation Eriko accidentally slips that Rose is a dragon too. Since by now Misaki heard most of their secrets (without being surprised too much) Ai tells her too that she’s partially a wolf.

The next scene is at Onyx’s place, Sapphie gets a message delivered from Onyx: “stay put, don’t do anything, play at home”. This infuriates Sapphie, she defends herself that she’s not a kid any more, since she had done the coming of age ritual with Onyx. However she promises to be good (as if..) Rose is in the school without Ryuuji that or the following day, because Ryuuji had to go to an event hosted by the “society” for collectors and breakers, just like the one where Ai was introduced a few episodes ago.

When Rose leaves for home and is separated from Misaki too she meets the blue dragon girl again. The girl manages to soak a great sphere of water from the hair, but it splashes on her too. Rose invites her to Ryuuji’s place to dry her clothes. They chat over dragons, but neither of them knows much or met many of their kind. Sapphie tells Rose that her relationship to Ryuuji is very childish and he doesn’t look at Rose as a girl. She explains the coming of age ritual to Rose, which is a kiss on the dragon scales.

Just when Sapphie leaves Ryuuji’s place (on her wings), Eriko and Ryuuji arrives. Rose tells Ryuuji that she’s like him to make her an adult. That obviously comes quite a shock to Ryuuji. Rose explains what the ritual is to Ryuuji who agrees to it. Eriko even takes a camera for the occasion, since nothing of the sort is on the society’s page. The simple kiss on the scales however seems to trigger an avalanche in Rose, suddenly she feels Ryuuji’s touch very hot and can not bear Ryuuji to touch her.

Eriko takes her into the next room, explains her that she probably just started to feel for Ryuuji like a member of the opposite sex. Before the last scene we get a short trailer for the next story arc: in a castle on a hill there was a burglary. While there is nothing missing, noon saw who the culprit is, Maruga still guesses that it was Onyx behind it. The episode ends with Rose and Ryuuji meeting at breakfast next morning.

It is hard to tell if this episode was a filler, an introduction of a new character an intro for the next arc. It was definitely nothing worth remembering or discussing a lot.



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