Angel’s egg

Since there are still no new airing due to the recent events and I was in no mood to watch more To Love Ru episodes, I watched a movie that was on my plan to watch list about since I first started to keep a list on the anime I plan to watch: Angel’s egg.

I’ve already read a few words on the anime and I knew before I started it that I should not expect neither much action, nor much conversation. The story has two characters: a girl who’s name we don’t get to know and a man who’s name we don’t get to know either. The girl lives on a mountain close to a city. She has an egg the size of a basketball, which she keeps with her almost all the time (she keeps in under her clothes, this makes her quite often to look like as she was pregnant..). She’s also obsessed about all kinds of large bottles, most of which are in the anime almost completely spherical.

When once she goes into the city to scavenge for bottles and food, she meets a man that has a mechanical looking cross on the shoulder. The man follows her around, slowly earning her trust. While they are in the city they watch scores of uninformed, statue like man hunt with harpoons of huge fish shadows.

When they return to the girl’s place (which looks like a bit Noah’s ark) it turns out that she has scores and scores of the aforementioned spherical bottles. The man tells her the story of Noah’s Ark and the great flood, in return of witch the girl shows him the fossilized skeleton of an enormous bird. The girl then falls asleep and while she’s sleeping the man takes the egg and breaks it.

Next morning when the girl wakes up she finds the egg broken and the man gone. In her grief she jumps into a ravine, falls into water, suffocates and dies. When her last breath’s bubbles reach the surface they turn into eggs. In the last scenes we see large eggs on long tree like trunks all over the city and it’s surroundings. The Camera zooms off. Credits.

While being able to retell the story I have to admit, that I don’t really understand its meaning if there is a meaning to it.


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